Marian Aird Indexing

My first degree was in English literature from the University of Cambridge, followed by an MA in librarianship from Loughborough University.  I worked as a music librarian in London, both at the BBC and at Trinity College of Music, before gaining accreditation with the Society of indexers in 2012.

I enjoy the intellectual process of indexing, as well as the opportunity it’s given me to read on a wide range of subjects, particularly biography, history, religion, cultural studies, music and the arts.  I also do more commercial projects, including catalogues, yearbooks, and handbooks for clients in the building and transport industries.

I work from home, which is now in France, and am available for work throughout the year. To create the index I use Sky Index Professional™, a professional indexing software. This allows me to edit my work easily and present it in whatever house style suits my clients. The index is then loaded into a Word document (or similar) to submit to the publisher.

I’m an active member of the Society of Indexers, and have previously served on its Executive Board.  I’ve published articles on the experience of being a freelance indexer, both in the library journal CILIP (download here) and the SI’s professional journal The Indexer.

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